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Northgate Drive
Run-Off-Road (ROR) Collision Report

Twenty-eight ROR collisions have occurred within a three-block section of Northgate Drive in Waxahachie, TX. The section of roadway consists of a horizontal reverse curve (S-curve) and a horizontal simple curve connected by a short straight section of roadway. An ROR collision is a single-vehicle crash that occurs when a vehicle leaves the roadway and strikes a fixed object or overturns.

The report examines:
  • Horizontal curve collisions and countermeasures to improve the safety of a curve
  • Traffic Calming Countermeasures: Horizontal shifts, vertical deflections, narrowing of roadway and lane closure
  • Existing roadway alignment
  • Traffic Flow
  • Existing speed and warning mechanisms
  • Homeowners survey
  • Case Studies
  • Technical and legal requirements and specifications.
The recommendation component provided a structured approach to involve law enforcement, city officials and engineers, and the stakeholders: residents. The program incorporated multiple countermeasures, each providing support to the totality of the program objectives:
  • Decrease the rate of ROR crashes
  • Reduce vehicle speed
  • Improve roadway safety for vehicular traffic, pedestrians and residents
JFK Assassination Eyewitness: Rush to Conspiracy
The Real Facts of Lee Bowers' Death
for additional information
  • A 1966 cold case accident investigation that becomes an "investigative hook." The type of case that grabs and does not let go.
  • Texas cold case accident investigator Anita Dickason investigates the mystery of a Texas accident, killing a key witness to the assassination of President John Kennedy. Was it just a simple car accident, or was Bowers killed because of what he saw on the day President Kennedy was shot and killed?
  • Dickason became interested in the Lee Bowers' case when she was contacted regarding a new series: America Declassified. An episode on the assassination of JFK was to include the Bowers' accident. There was only a short time frame for research prior to the taping of the show, which resulted in more questions than answers. What were the real facts of Lee Bowers' death? Her continuing interest in the case led to the extremely difficult task of reconstructing a forty-seven year-old accident. 
  • In JFK Assassination Eyewitness: Rush to Conspiracy, Dickason provides a step-by-step look into the research and methods of a cold case accident investigation while exploring the conspiracy theories that Lee Bowers Jr. was killed due to what he saw the day Kennedy was shot and killed. Dickason uncovers an unexpected twist in the events following the accident.

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